Pick Sense women's Collection featuring three 100% organic tee shirts - two scoop neck and one crew neck. Black Pick Sense Out Of Nonsense with white lettering on a slant - one white tee shirt featuring a man with an Afro Hair Style on an orange rectangle - one yellow crew neck tee shirt with Rice Peas Tings with a lipstick mark  at the bottom
Young woman wearing black organic teeshirt with wording printed in white on a slant saying - Pick Sense Out Of Nonsens
Women wearing a black organic teeshirt with white wording printed slanted saying Pick Sense Out Of Nonsense.
Woman wearing a sunflower shade 100% organic crew neck teeshirt with arms folded across her chest with the wording Rice-Peas-Tings with a kiss underneath
Sunflower shade women's teeshirt with  wording saying rice, peas, tinggs with a lipstick mark of a kiss underneath
Couple wearing 100% organic cotton teeshirts featuring the wording TUNE - Woman is wearing a white scoop neckline - man is wearing a black crew neck
White organic women's 100% cotton tee shirt with brick coloured rectangle with wording in white saying TU NE

Pick Sense - Women - Collection

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Tee Shirts and Tings

Pick Sense Out Of Nonsense - Scoop-Neck Tee 
TUNE - Scoop-Neck Tee 
Rice Peas Tings - Crew-Neck Tee
All 100% organic cotton and produced in a renewable energy factory.