I ❤️ CARNEEVAAL®️ - Who is this guy?!!

In the beginning, when I started this business, I’ll be honest and say I didn’t have a clue where it would lead. At first…I dabbled at making greeting cards, attended a few fairs and hid behind whatever obstructions I could find to avoid talking to customers or selling the cards. 

Talk about zero confidence when it came to making sales from my own designs. But even more ironic, two of my past weekend work roles in the late 1980s, involved selling solid perfumes at Portobello Road Market and clothing at Camden Lock Market.

It is excruciating to think about the skill set I achieved, but never capitalised or highlighted. Responsibilities such as, handling money, management of stock items, sales, working on my own, building up the metal stall and even had a stint of driving the car to help deliver the stock. I loved Camden Lock Market the most! I was young and just coming out of my teens, not clued-up really! 

However, over these last 13 months though, I’ve had to employ a different skill set, getting to grips with the role of self-promotion especially for social media. This self-promotion stuff comes so naturally and easily for my daughter's generation but to be honest, it makes no sense putting some of the items up on social media.  I've realised it is the sign of the times. Social media equals flexibility and fluidity!

I've made some classic mistakes over the time and I mean STINKERS in order to capture that moment or photo for the next social media post! For example, I approached a guy I mistook for ‘Vin Diesel’ that was a ‘GROUND PLEASE OPEN UP AND SWALLOW ME NOW’ moment! Shameful!! 

Or being featured last year, August 2017 in an online newspaper alongside Stormzy, but still had to ask my daughter ‘What does he do, who is he and why have they associated him with me?' - Helloooow!!

I wouldn't say  total masterdom is at the helm, but I'm certainly more comfortable with social media and as yet, haven't made an obvious boo boo! Even if I do, well just get on with it. That's the best part of running an online business too.

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