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Tee Shirts and Tings is a cultural merchandise shop with a focus on
Afro-Caribbean and cross-cultural designer memorabilia.

Lammylapp - Designer Giftware 

Until the age of nine, I struggled to say the word "umbrella" and instead called it a "Lammylapp". I have no idea how the two were ever connected, but my family knew what I meant and would either hand me a brolly or carry on the conversation without raised eyebrows.

Many years later, here I am, using my childhood word for my gift shop and doing what I truly love, being creative. My dormant background incorporates art, fashion art and design, interior architecture/design and a little bit of graphics. My previous work roles were in retail, personnel and education, as well as time spent in the oil, IT, banking and pharmaceutical industries.

By nature, I am quiet and pensive, but these personal qualities take a back seat when I'm being creative and the scope to be daring, experimental and passionate.

If you like what you've read, then join me on a journey of design, and feel free to explore the little gems.

We ship to order and can also be found at the physical stall at Portobello Road Market, London on Fridays (weather permitting)
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Designer  Giftware by Lammylapp