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Tee Shirts and Tings is a cultural merchandise shop with a focus on
Caribbean and cross-cultural designer giftware.

Lammylapp - Designer Giftware 

Until the age of nine, I struggled to say the word "umbrella" and instead called it a "Lammylapp". I have no idea how the two were ever connected, but my family knew what I meant and would either hand me a brolly or carry on the conversation without raised eyebrows.

Many years later, here I am, using my childhood word for my gift shop and doing what I truly love, being creative. My dormant background incorporates art, fashion art and design, interior architecture/design and a little bit of graphics. My previous work roles were in retail, HR and education, as well as time spent in the oil, IT, banking and pharmaceutical industries.

By nature, a quiet and pensive person, but these qualities take a back seat when I can be creative with the scope to be daring and experimental.

If you like what you've read, then join me on a journey of design, and feel free to explore the little gems.

We ship to order and our exhibiting space and collection of giftware is located at CreativeHub - 301 Goldhawk Road, London W12 8EU

Thank you for stopping by.
Designer  Giftware by Lammylapp
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